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Directions and other stuff

The party takes place at Tower Tavern, on Martini Corner - 401 East 31st Street, KCMO. Use the Google map below to map your route and join us for a great night of fun!

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Parking is available in lots around Tower Tavern. Save spaces - come in groups or take a cab or the KC Strip trolleys (see below for more information).

Cabs will be running from Tower Tavern after the party to be sure our guests get home safely. While we wish we could get courtesy limos for everyone to go home in after the party (maybe next year), we do encourage you to make travel arrangements to ensure you get home in once piece. Party safe. Use the buddy system.

We have setup a partnership this year with the KC Strip to provide half-price tickets (2 for 1). If you show up to the KC Strip Brookside Trolley stop! Just show up in your awesome ugly sweater and ask for the special half-price deal (no coupon necessary).