How can retailers and restaurants participate in Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

Every retailer, bar, restaurant – big or small – can have an impact and help support Operation Breakthrough and you can do this in your own way. Kansas City’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is fun and free! Below are some ideas to get you started on how you can support the cause and engage your employees and patrons, all while bringing cheer to the community. Please note, you aren’t limited to just these. We encourage everyone to get creative!

  • Donate a % of sales for the evening.
  • Charge a cover for each patron and donate the cover charge or a portion of the cover.
  • Have your employees celebrate the cause at work by wearing an ugly sweater for the day.
  • Donate gift cards to our party.
  • Auction off gift cards/packages and donate the proceeds to Operation Breakthrough.
  • Hold a Sweater Photo Booth at your store. Charge patrons for the photos and donate a percentage of the proceeds.
  • Offer a “deal of the day” and donate a percentage of sales for every time the deal is purchased. This could be a drink, food item, special product etc.

Registration for the day is free. We do ask participants to let us know about the great things you are doing to support the cause and Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Please register so we know what you are doing. As an added bonus for registering, we will include your name on our website to show others that you are supporting the cause.