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Please use the form below to purchase tickets or sponsorships for the 2013 party on Friday, December 13! You can also make a donation through the form below. If you have any problems or issues- please contact us at: info@kcsweaterparty.com.

Santa Claus (Presenting Sponsor) - $6,000
  INCLUDES: Eight (8) VIP party tickets, eight (8) raffle tickets, reserved parking & personal bar service

Exceptional Elf (Auction Sponsor) - $4,000
  INCLUDES: Six (6) VIP party tickets and six (6) raffle tickets

Snazzy Snowman (Patio Sponsor) - $2,000
  INCLUDES: Four (4) VIP party tickets and four (4) raffle tickets

Rockin' Reindeer - $1,000
  INCLUDES: Two (2) VIP party tickets and two (2) raffle tickets

Red-Ryder Ralphie - $500
  INCLUDES: Two (2) VIP tickets and two (2) raffle tickets

Very Important Partier (VIP) - $75
  One (1) early (7:30 PM) ticket

General Admission - $60
  One (1) regular-entrance ticket to the event (8:30 PM)

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